Who are we?

You are sharp, you can do your own research.
We invite you to get the facts on what the Cache Republican party is all about. If you have been listening to the media you aren't getting the Real Story.

Get the facts.
Understand who we are.
Make up your own mind.
You may be surprised to discover we share many of the same beliefs.

Begin by watching the videos on our Cache Republican Party Platform.

Don't be Manipulated by the Media!
Here are the facts.

  • Republicans gave Blacks and Women the right to vote while Democrats VEHEMENTLY fought this till the very end.
  • Republicans fought to end Slavery and Democrats fought to keep slavery, hence the Civil War.
  • Republicans believe in the Constitution while Democrats wish to abolish the Constitution.
  • Republicans believe in the current system of checks and balances in our government while Democrats want to Pack the Supreme Court to promote one party rule.
  • Republicans believe in less taxation and more freedom while Democrats believe in higher taxes more government control.
  • Republicans believe individuals have the right to keep and bear arms for protection while Democrats believe in gun control where you call the police and pray they arrive in time.
  • Republicans believe in Law Enforcement while Democrats believe in Defunding the Police.
  • Republicans believe ALL Lives Matter including Black, Asian, Indian,  Chinese, Muslim, Hispanic and ALL other Americans while Democrats believe only Black Lives matter.

Here is a summary of what Republicans Believe.

Make sure you watch the Cache County Party Platform as well for our refined beliefs here in Cache County.