Why Vote Republican?

If you agree with the information on this site then we welcome you.

If you don't agree, we will respect your opinion and NOT get in your face.

We Believe in Secure Borders

Democrats believe in Open Borders.

Just HOW does Mexico feel about Emigration to their country?

Watch this to the end, it will open your eyes.

We still believe in GOD.

Democrats want to remove the word "God" from every document everywhere.

We don't intentionally LIE to the American People.

We managed to grab this clip before it was removed.
In Mrs. Pelosi's own words, "It's a tactic."

The UTAH Republican Party Platform

Do any of the principles you have seen so far in this site resonate with you?

We might have more in common than you realize.

Now we invite you to see some of the core differences below.

Republican Beliefs vs. Democratic Beliefs
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  • America is a Tremendous Place to Live.
  • Freedom and The Ability of everyone to rise to their greatest potential and succeed on their own merits.
  • Free Speech.
  • Total belief in The Constitution.
  • Belief in Law Enforcement.
  • All Lives Matter.
  • Strong Belief in LEGAL Emigration.
  • Right to Own and Succeed in a business.
  • Belief in GOD.
  • Belief in the 2nd Amendment.
  • Religious Freedom.
  • The Flag is the symbol of our country and should be Honored.
  • Lower Individual Taxes.
  • Less Government control on businesses.
  • Less Taxation of Businesses.
  • Democracy must remain the Law of the Lans.
  • Less Spending and a Balanced Budget to control Inflation.
  • Keep America's Energy Independent of other nations and Economical to everyone.
  • The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review and plays an essential role in ensuring that each branch of the government recognizes the limits of it's own power.
  • Republican Party Platform
  • America is Bad and Racist
  • Your ability to succeed is based on the color of your skin, not on your individual ability.
  • Any difference of opinion must be Censored.
  • The Constitution needs to be Changed.
  • Defund the Police.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Open Borders
  • Everyone needs to rely on the Government, after all It Takes a Village. 
  • The word "GOD" must be eliminated.
  • Guns are bad because they kill people, just like pencils cause poor spelling. We need gun control.
  • Any Christian Religion must be regulated.
  • We must Protest the flag. It's a Racist symbol.
  • Higher Taxes.
  • More control and restriction of businesses because they are inherently bad.
  • Businesses are bad and we need to tax them as much as possible.
  • Socialism is a Better form of Government.
  • Massive spending because Inflation is good.
  • Petroleum is Bad and we Must shut down all pipelines and oil exploration. Gasoline needs to be $6.00 a gallon to control it's use and it should be outlawed.
  • The Supreme Court needs to be packed with more Democrats to insure the power will always remain in Democratic Control.
  • Democratic Party Platform